Frequently Asked Questions


q:  Will I get to keep a copy of the livestream after the event?
a:  Yes, all our streams are kept online and the link will be available within 24-48hrs max.

q:  Can I protect the stream from reaching the general public?
a:  Let our team know if you want to keep the stream private/public. As only people you send the link we share will have acces. If you do want that extra protection we can also add a password to your stream.

q:  Will the cameras be in the way of our event?
a:  Our cameras are completely mobile and wireless for the reason of blending in the background while at events. We like to be out of the way as if we were never there, wearing all black and ensuring we take up the least amount of space as possible. If this a concern speak to your on-site technician on the day.

q:  When do I need to pay?
a:  Once the invoice has been accepted and deposit (10% of booking) has been made, you can rest assured your booking is secured. If you do require extra time let out team know and we can work something out for you.

q:  Can I just book the drone shot?
a:  We have standard packages based on the typical event, if you would just like an 'add on' service like PA system hire, drone shots or follow-cam ONLY - then we can adjust the prices to get exactly what you need. Just email us at

q:  Is my video private?
a:  Yes, all videos are private unless the family asks for it to be public or on facebook? (facebook is not private. Youtube videos are by default "unlisted", which is private and only if family/friends give link can it be viewed and shared)

q:  Can I put a password on my link to access my livestream event?
a:  Yes, there is a cost of $40 (fwd booking email conformation to - subject: "PASSWORD") 

q:  Name on link is incorrect, can I get it changed?
a:  Yes, pls provide correct information for the change to (subject: "CORRECTION")

q:  Can I rewatch my event after it has finished?
a:  Yes, the webpage link will be available long after the event has ended 24/7.

q:  Can I download my event?
a:  Yes, you can click on "Buy Video" for buy options including buy download. "Buy Video" button appears after the start of the event.

q:  Can I get a copy on USB stick of my event?
a:  Yes, you can, click on "Buy Video" for buy options including "Buy USB".  "Buy Video" button appears after the start of the event


If you do have a question that is not listed here feel free to email us - 

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